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There are numerous pieces of stained glass, overflowing with amazingly vivid colors and filled with a majestic sense of state. The delicate pieces cut from sheets of colored glass vividly depict flowers, creatures, landscapes, and geometrical patterns, and convey signs of the American art nouveau period, in which Tiffany lamps flourished, to us today.

Exhibition room


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Spring, when the trees bud and flowers blossom.
Our garden welcomes its most beautiful season.In summer, the damp hydrangeas look attractive against the overcast sky of the rainy season. In autumn, the sweet "cassia," with its vivid yellow, and the charming "dahlia" play the leading roles.Winter. Tempted by the sweet nectar of the earliest-blossoming "winter cherry blossoms," the Japanese white-eyes dance. The hydrangeas are at their best between the end of May and the end of June, and the "Hydrangea Festival" is held. The hydrangea garden. Centered around the "Jogasaki" and the "Izunohana," two double blossom types of lacecap hydrangea which grow wild here on the Jogasaki coast, we have collected 230 speices of native and improved breeds of hydrangeas from throughout Japan, and have a total of approximately 3000.


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While immersing yourself in the Tiffany stained glass products, when you emerge from the greenhouse and the garden, you will find the museum annex.
In front of the Tiffany museum is the NEW YORK LAMP & TIFFANY MUSEUM ANNEX & CAFE, a joint exhibition room and café.
In addition, in front of the hall, where the likes of stained glass lamps and antique furniture are lined up as if in a gallery, there is a café with a bright, open atmosphere. Please use the terrace seats, which have an ocean view, with your dog. Please enjoy a photogenic lunch and sweets.



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"ANTIQUE & SHOP SAKURA SAKURA", where Japan and the West meet.
A collection of a rich variety of fine items, including ceramics and handicrafts which convey the depths of Japanese traditions, brilliant Favrile glass flower vases, and even souvenirs from Izu.

Antique ware


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When you emerge from the path in the woods, the Jogasaki coastal scenery stretches out in front of you.
Please experience the beauty of the volcanic formations.The lava flow from Omuroyama (designated a national monument in 2010), which erupted approximately 4000 years ago, reached as far as the sea, and the effects of erosion created the majestic coastline of cliffs with its intricate coves and capes. Kadowaki suspension bridge (you can't miss this when you visit the Jogasaki coast!), Kadowaki lighthouse (get a seagull's view of the ocean) Explore Jogasaki and visit the suspension bridge 〜 Picnical Course (the sound of the waves, forest bathing. Walk in nature) Good manners in Jogasaki (be well-mannered and created wonderful memories)